Speech Therapy

For an estimated 24 million Americans, words don’t come easily.  Untreated communication disorders can limit educational achievement, harm promising careers and inhibit personal relationships.  Speech language reduces frustration and helps develop communication skills.  Studies have shown that children enrolled in Therapy early in their development (younger than 3 years) tend to have more positive outcomes.

Our speech language pathologist will develop individualized programs for each person’s needs, and has been extensively trained in the following areas:

  • Speech or language issues following a stroke
  • Swallowing difficulties in adults or children
  • Speech or language delays in infants or children
  • Apraxia (speech motor planning)
  • Swallowing and video swallow studies
  • Oral sensory and oral motor problems
  • Difficulties with feeding (birth through 3 years of age)
  • Articulation disorders
  • Expressive communication
  • Pediatric vocal cord dysfunction
  • Autism
  • Phonological disorders
  • Auditory comprehension