Infection Control

Ensuring Quality Patient Care

Ensuring quality patient care is the number one job for Beartooth Billings Clinic.  Beartooth Billings Clinic has an Infection Control program designed to identify, prioritize and minimize the risk of infection in patients, physicians, employees, volunteers, students/trainees, vendors and visitors.  All staff, whether involved directly or indirectly in patient care, strives to address the needs of individual patients while protecting the community as a whole from infectious diseases.
We have put in place antibiotic stewardship programs that are intended to ensure we provide the right antibiotic to patients who need antibiotics, and to give them only when needed. Our Infection Control Plan is based on our yearly risk assessment results.  

Our Infection Control Team consists of an Infection Control Medical Director and the Infection Control Coordinator, as well as other disciplines who collaborate with Infection Control personnel and assist with, and who have responsibility for, development, oversight, coordination and implementation of infection prevention and control activities.    
Infection control is one of our priorities to ensure quality patient care. 

  • The bar is continually raised – germs are becoming more resistant and patients often have immune systems that have been compromised. 
  • Existing efforts to improve care have support from clinical experts, consumer groups and the federal government and are nimble enough to change as science evolves to provide the most current and useful care to patients. 

You can help:

We encourage patients to take steps to help in the fight against infection. 

  • If you’re a patient in our hospital, remind the nurses, physicians, friends and family who come into to your room to wash their hands. And don’t forget to wash yours as well. 
  • In some cases, you may be asked to take further steps, like donning a protective gown and mask. If asked, please put these on. 
  • If your physician tells you that you likely have a virus, and not an infection that would respond to antibiotics, please understand that prescribing an antibiotic is likely not the right next step. 
  • Don’t visit a friend or relative in the hospital if you are sick.