Patient Financial Services

Patient Financial Services  

Patient Financial Representatives are available to answer questions regarding bills or other account concerns:

Monday – Friday  8:00am – 5:00pm
Phone 406-446-2345   Toll Free 877-404-9442

 Billing Information

  • Patient Financial Representatives follow State and Federal billing guidelines when billing Medicare, Medicaid, and Insurance claims.
  • The staff at Beartooth Billings Clinic bills primary, secondary, and tertiary claims. 
  • Follow-up to claims billing is done on a regular basis for all claims.
  • Some claims take the involvement of the Patient or Guarantor to get a claim paid.  Unless the Insurance Company notifies us, we try to resolve payment within 90 days.
  • Beartooth Billings Clinic works with most out-of-state Medicaid programs. We are not contracted with all Medicaid Programs.
  • Beartooth Billings Clinic does not bill for any ambulance services. You will get a separate bill from Ambulance billing.
  • Medicare patients should be aware that some services are not covered under the Medicare program, and other services are only conditionally covered.  In these cases, patients may be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) acknowledging the possibility of financial responsibility should you decide to receive the services.

 The Uninsured Patient

If you have emergent medical needs but do not have insurance, Beartooth Billings Clinic Patient Financial Representatives will look at your needs and try to find resources to help you pay for your visit.  Screening questions to help locate sources for payment include the following:  

  1. Is another person responsible for your injuries, and did you file a criminal report if your injuries are crime related?
  2. Was this injury work related?
  3. Was this injury related to an auto accident caused by someone else?
  4. Have you applied for State of    Montana Medicaid?  
  5. Do you have a Debit card or other Credit Cards?
  6. Have you filled out a Financial Assistance Application? Please complete and email to [email protected]  
  7. Would you like information on the First Care or Premier Medical Loan Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What if I don’t have my insurance card with me at the time of service?
 For billing purposes, an insurance card is required to send a claim to your insurance company.  If you do not have your card with you, please bring it to our facility as soon as possible or phone a representative with the required information.

 • What forms of payment does Beartooth Billings Clinic accept?
 We take cash, check, debit cards or credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).

• When do I need to pay my deductible or co-pay?
 Deductibles and co-pays are collected at the time of service by the Nursing, Registration & Finance staff.

• How do you know how much my deductibles or co-pays will be, if they are not listed on my card?
When we pre-register outpatient diagnostic services and therapy services, it may be necessary to contact your insurance to make sure the insurance is aware of your services.  At that time your insurance company provides information regarding your deductible or co-pay

• I had x-rays when I received services at Beartooth Billings Clinic.  Will the radiologists charges to read my x-ray be on my hospital bill?
 Your x-ray reading charges will be included on your hospital bill.

 • What if my insurance company denies the claim, or I receive services not covered by my policy?
Our Patient Financial Representatives are available to assist you with your insurance issues and concerns.

• Will I get an itemized statement?
Our statements are not itemized, but we will gladly mail an itemized statement at your request.

• What happens when I cannot pay my bill?
Beartooth Billings Clinic works with the patient to ensure the patient has the ability to pay their bill with reasonable monthly payments. We also offer Financial Assistance, and Medical Care Loan Programs. 

●  Who can help with my other questions and concerns?
 You may contact your Patient Financial Representative according to your last name:

(A-I) Nancy S. (406) 446-0672
(J-L + Medicaid) Dana G. (406) 446-0515

(Medicare)  Sheila K. (406) 446-0677
(M-Z) Linda L. (406) 446-0674
Gail S. (406) 446-0513

Thank you for choosing Beartooth Billings Clinic for your health care needs. We hope this information will help you better understand our billing process and your financial obligations when you visit our facility.