Moe: Not Your Regular Dietician

Moe: Not Your Regular Dietician

RED LODGE – Looking at year four, Sandra Moe, registered dietitian practicing at Beartooth Billings Clinic, will be offering the free LifeStyle Balance class aimed at preventing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The yearlong informational class dives into result-driven fundamentals, healthful facts, available resources, and class-connected support in rebalancing your habits to become healthier and, ultimately, happier.

“The Lifestyle Balance class is a CDC evidence-based program designed to help patients learn more about preventing and delaying the progression of Type 2 diabetes.” Moe continues, “participants will learn more about nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and the tools and skills to implement behavior changes in their daily lives, all while learning from each other.”

Some weeks are more difficult than others and though we need to be focused on our progress, it is okay to reward yourself in moderate and new-to-you ways.

Previous class attendees share their successes – and failures – openly, all noting they have reached one or more of their goals:

“It’s more like gathering of likeminded people, we shared insights and ideas on achieving our goals.”
~Teresa Oliphant

“Two important goals I achieved–first I dropped my A1C to 5.3 which is outside of the Diabetes Zone and eliminated the need for medication. Secondly, through applying the lessons from the program, I lost 31 pounds over the course of the class. The class was life changing for me.”
~2021 – 22 Class Attendee

“What makes the materials come alive is the Coach Sandy Moe. She is skilled at working with the human dynamic of a group. She makes sure … no one person dominates the group. Everyone trusts her and she makes it a safe place for all to share.”
~Pat Ruzich

The new series of LifeStyle Balance begins late October. To begin your health journey, contact Sandra Moe at 406-446-0664 or email her at