Supporting Our Community

Who We Support

Beartooth Billings Clinic is a financially independent hospital and clinic.  For more than 60 years, Beartooth has provided a variety of critically important health care services to all of Carbon County – estimated population of 10,000. 

Rural health is a unique world, unlike any other. Healthcare in general poses problems that require innovation, resources, and energetic solutions – but rural health is a cause served by the truly dedicated.

This means that support from donors like you is more important than ever. Rest assured that your gifts are stewarded with the highest commitment to best practices and accounting controls. The hospital/clinic and the Foundation both receive an annual audit. All donors are welcome to visit the Foundation Office between 9:00 and 4:00 MST for further information, or to learn more about making a difference at Beartooth Billings Clinic. Beartooth – where you can touch lives and know you’ve made a difference.

How We Support

Our Mission is to support community healthcare through Beartooth Billings Clinic.

This is a broad range, but it allows flexibility in meeting the strategic objectives established by the facility’s Governing Board. The Governing Board and Foundation Board agree each year on a specific objective to be addressed through the annual gala—the Beartooth Ball. Here is a list of previous objectives:

2023: 3D Mammography

2022: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department Equipment Upgrades

2019: Ultrasound Services and Endowment Fund

2018: Outpatient Surgical Services and Endowment Fund

2017: Cardiac Care and Endowment Fund

2016: Dr. James and Juanita Kane Scholarship and Endowment Fund

2015: Dr. James and Juanita  Kane Scholarship and Endowment Fund

2011-2014: Endowment Fund to Support Programs and Services

2010: Trauma and Critical Care Education

2009: Foundation Operational Support to Continue Capital Campaign

2008: Community Support of Capital Campaign for New Facility (no Ball)

2007: County-Wide Cancer Screening Programs

2006: Beartooth Hospital Children’s Center

2005: New Operating Room Table and Anesthesia Machine


An area in which the Foundation takes special pride is the Dr. James and Juanita Kane Scholarship Fund. Each year, several scholarships are awarded to students – and often to a hospital/clinic staff member – who want to pursue or further develop skills in a medical field. The goal is to help ensure that qualified medical practitioners will always be available to help the communities of Carbon County.

Download Scholarship Application Forms here. Please save the appropriate application form to your computer to be able to save your answers.

STUDENTS: High School Senior Scholarship Application Form

EMPLOYEES: Beartooth Billings Clinic Employee Higher-Education Scholarship Application Form

For information on how you can help support any of these programs, please call 406.446.0610.