Billing and Insurance Resources

Thank you for choosing Beartooth Billings Clinic for your health care needs. We hope this information will help you better understand our billing process and your financial obligations when you visit our facility.  

At Beartooth Billings Clinic, we understand that health care expenses can have a significant impact on your budget. We have Patient Financial Representatives on our staff that can help you create a solution that works for you.

Contact our Patient Financial Assistance Representative according to your last name:

  • A-G: 406.446.0677
  • H-O: 406.446.0515
  • P-Z: 406.446.0513

For more information please contact a Patient Financial Representative at 406.446.0646.

Payment Options

Prompt Pay Discount

A prompt pay discount for self-pay accounts of 10% will be offered for paying statement balance in full. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you are considered “self-pay.”

Payment Plan

Payment plans are an option for patients who are unable to pay off an account balance with one payment. Payment plans allow patients the flexibility to pay off a balance with a series of payments that are due every month.

These payment plans are interest free. Beartooth Billings Clinic’s payment plans allow patients to pay accounts within 12 months. Consideration is made on a case by case basis due to special circumstances.

A financial arrangement with an ACH authorization will be sent to the patient for signature and returned. This is a binding contract and all responsible parties must sign. For example, if the patient is married the spouse is also responsible for the medical charges, so both must sign the agreement

Beartooth Billings Clinic will refer accounts to Patient Billings Services after 60 days . Accounts will be worked for 120 days. During that time numerous collection attempts are made with multiple contact attempts made by a series of letters, statements and phone calls. All Patient Billing Services communications include information about the Financial Assistance Program, a number to call, a webpage address for an application and a plain-language summary of the Financial Assistance Policy (FAP) and the actual Financial Assistance Policy.       

Upon receipt of the completed financial assistance application, collection efforts are suspended for processing. The application review includes all visits dating back 240 days from receipt of the completed application.

Loan Program

Beartooth Billings Clinic offers a loan program for balances incurred where payment in full cannot be accomplished within the payment plan option. Beartooth Billings Clinic will offer a 5% discount to help offset loan interest.

Financial Assistance

Patient Financial Services

Patient Financial Representatives are available to answer questions regarding bills or other account concerns. Call us or visit our office. We are here to help you.

406.446.0646 or 1.877.404.9442 (toll free)

Office hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Location of Patient Financial Services Office

  1. Enter Beartooth Billings Clinic through the main entrance facing Broadway Ave (east).
  2. Take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.
  3. The Finance Office will be on your left, next to the balcony railing.

You may be eligible for financial assistance

If you can’t afford your medical bills, we can give you a form to apply for our financial assistance program. We can help you with the application and your personal information will be kept confidential.

Beartooth Billings Clinic’s financial assistance program has clear guidelines to determine who qualifies for free or reduced charge services. The amount of financial assistance is different for each person or family, depending on your financial circumstances.

We can also connect you with public assistance programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare, Veteran’s Administration, Disability, Crime Victims and Healthy Montana Kids (HMK).

Quick Links

Providers covered under our Financial Assistance Policy

Note: Not all providers who provide medical services at Beartooth Billings Clinic are covered under our Financial Assistance Policy.  Providers not included in the list below are not covered by our Financial Assistance Policy. Please call our Financial Department at 406.446.2345 to confirm the Financial Assistance Policy status of your specific provider.

Baldwin, Hailey PA – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Bell, Douglas, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Bland, Zachary, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Bowman-Seitz, Tara, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Bruschwein, Dean, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Burfeind, Gregory, MD – Beartooth Billings Clinic

CAnty, Bryan, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Carter, Alison, CRNA – Independent

Darby, Ronald, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Gale, Heather, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

George, William, MD – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Graeve, Jonathan, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Hoellwarth, Christopher, CRNA – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Judice, Martha, FNP – Wilderness Medical Staffing

Knight, George, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Lehnherr, David, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Lindenbaum, Jeffry, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

May, Eric, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Mattson, Daniel, CRNA St. James Healthcare

Mencel, Mark, PA – Family Medicine

Nicol, William CRNA – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Oley, William, MD – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Oley, Erin, DNP – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Paulsen, Scott, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Paulsen, Scott R, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Pinkerton, Bruce, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Ramirez, Drista, CRNA – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Roman, Mark, PA-C – Wilderness Medical Staffing

Sheibley, Daniel, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Sheiko, Mark, MD – Billings Clinic Pathology

Sillery, John, MD – Billings Clinic Radiology

Soueidi, Elie, PA – Billings Clinic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Starr, Linda, MD – Billings Clinic

Valencia, Ruby, CRNA – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Waples, Flora, MD – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Whitehead, Douglas, PA – Beartooth Billings Clinic

Provider-Based Billing

Receiving care at Beartooth Billings Clinic’s “Provider-Based” clinic.

Receiving care at Beartooth Billings Clinic’s “Provider-Based” clinic may result in the total charges for outpatient services and/or procedures provided in the clinic setting being split into a facility charge as well as a professional or provider charge. These charges will be reflected on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) you receive from Medicare/Medicaid for services provided.

Depending on a patient’s specific insurance coverage, it is possible that some patients may pay more or less “out-of-pocket” for these services and procedures than they would at another location. This is the billing practice in many integrated health care systems across the country.

Patients are advised to review their insurance benefits or contact their insurance provider to determine what their policy will cover and identify any out-of-pocket expenses. For more information please contact our Patient Financial Representatives at 406.446.2345 if you have further questions regarding “Provider-Based” or “Hospital-Based Outpatient” billing.

Insurance Finder

Beartooth Billings Clinic is a Participating Provider in the following Insurance Plans and Networks. Please look over the extensive list of insurance plans and networks below. If you are still unsure if you are covered, call the toll-free number on the back of your insurance identification card or call Beartooth Billings Clinic Patient Financial Services at 406.446-2345 or 877.404.9442 during regular business hours.

Participating Insurance Providers and Plans

Federal Employees
  • American Postal Workers Union
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield – Federal Employee Plan
  • GEHA/United Healthcare
  • Mailhandlers
Health Trusts
  • Associated Employers (AE) – ChoiceCare
  • Associated Employers (AE) – ChoiceCare Plus
  • Associated Employers (AE) – SelectCare
  • Montana Health Network (Allegiance)
  • Montana Joint Powers Trust (EBMS)
  • Montana Operating Engineers (BCBS)
  • Montana Schools Health and Welfare Trust (BCBS)
  • Montana Teamsters (InterWest)
  • MUST (Montana Unified School Trust) (Pacific Source)
  • Wyoming Schools Boards Association Trust
Payers and Networks
  • Aetna
  • Allegiance Benefit Plan
  • Allegiance Life and Health
  • American Republic Insurance Company
  • Associated Employers (AE)
  • Assurant
  • BeechStreet
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) – all plans
  • CNIC Health Solutions
  • Coventry
  • CTI Administrators
  • Deseret Mutual Insurance
  • EBMS
  • First Choice Health Network
  • First Choice of the Midwest
  • First Health Network/Coventry
  • Fortis
  • Great West
  • Health InfoNet
  • HIC Health Solutions
  • InterWest
  • John Alden
  • Montana Health Co-op / Access Care & Connected Care
  • MultiPlan
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • New West Health Services
  • PacificSource Health Plans
  • Preferred One
  • Rocky Mountain Health Network
  • Time Insurance Company
  • UMR
  • United Healthcare – PPO / Options PPO
  • United Healthcare – Choice
  • United Healthcare – Choice Plus
  • United Healthcare – Select
  • United Healthcare – Select Plus 
  • World Insurance
Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Blue PPO (BCBS)
  • Humana Medicare – PPO, Private Fee for Service (PFFS), HMO
  • New West Medicare
Government Programs
  • Healthy Montana Kids (HMK)
  • Indian Health Services
  • Medicaid
  • Medicaid Passport to Health
  • Medicare
  • TriCare
  • VA Choice (in process)
Changes to Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids

Make sure Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids has your current contact info.

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Uninsured Patients

If you have emergent medical needs but do not have insurance.

If you have emergent medical needs but do not have insurance, Beartooth Billings Clinic Patient Financial Representatives will look at your needs and try to find resources to help you pay for your visit.

Screening questions to help locate sources for payment include the following:

  1. Is another person responsible for your injuries, and did you file a criminal report if your injuries are crime related?
  2. Was this injury work related?
  3. Was this injury related to an auto accident caused by someone else?
  4. Have you applied for State of Montana Medicaid?
  5. Do you have a Debit card or other Credit Cards?
  6. Would you like information on the First Care or Premier Medical Loan Programs?
  7. Have you filled out a Financial Assistance Application? Complete and email to Accounts Receivable.

Cost of Services

The cost of our services

Beartooth Billings Clinic is an integrated health care organization. Our charges include: Hospital charges and Physician (professional) charges. If you request prices from another health care organization, be sure to request both of these charges to get a more accurate estimate of your total charges.

The cost of our services, found on our Chargemaster report, includes all charges for all services. Services needed are complex and determined by your individual health needs. If you have questions or need additional information, please call a patient financial service representative at 406.446.2345.

You must first agree to the Disclaimer outlined below before you can view our charges. Please read and agree to this disclaimer so that you are fully aware of the variations that can occur when comparing prices in health care.


The estimated charges provided in the link below are intended to give patients an estimate of the prices and payments for the more commonly provided health care services at Beartooth Billings Clinic located in Red Lodge, Montana. This information is an estimate only and is in no way a quote or a guarantee of the amount that you will owe or what the charges for a service will be. The estimates cannot and should not be relied on as the actual charges and/or payments you will be responsible for paying, as the actual charges and/or payments may be either lower or higher than the estimates depending upon many factors – including, but not limited to, your provider’s treatment choices, actual services rendered, complications and your particular health care needs. The estimated charges are based on the information you enter on the following pages.

If you have insurance coverage, your insurance policy coverage (including deductibles, network coverage, co-pay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums) will help determine the amount you owe.

The information provided on the following pages is not a contract for the actual amount patients will be required to pay. You will be held responsible for the actual amount you owe determined after services are rendered. Note: The estimated cost is not a guarantee of insurance coverage. Please check with your insurance company if you need help understanding your benefits for the service chosen.


Resources for Health Care Pricing Information

We recommend reading The Consumer Guide to Healthcare Prices (2014) written by the national experts at the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

MHA, an Association of Montana Health Care Providers, offers web-based resources to help Montanans with their health care decisions:

Montana Informed PatientInformation and tools to enable you to make informed health care decisions.

Montana Price Point Charges from the past year for services at all Montana hospitals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have my insurance card with me at the time of service?

For billing purposes, an insurance card is required to send a claim to your insurance company.  If you do not have your card with you, please bring it to our facility as soon as possible or phone a representative with the required information.

What forms of payment does Beartooth Billings Clinic accept?

We take cash, check, debit cards or credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).

When do I need to pay my deductible or co-pay?

Deductibles and co-pays are collected at the time of service by the Nursing, Registration & Finance staff.

How do you know how much my deductibles or co-pays will be, if they are not listed on my card?

When we pre-register outpatient diagnostic services and therapy services, it may be necessary to contact your insurance to make sure the insurance is aware of your services. At that time your insurance company provides information regarding your deductible or co-pay.

I had x-rays when I received services at Beartooth Billings Clinic. Will the radiologists charges to examine my x-ray be included on my hospital bill?

Your x-ray reading charges will be included on your hospital bill.

What if my insurance company denies the claim, or I receive services not covered by my policy?

Our Patient Financial Representatives are available to assist you with your insurance issues and concerns.

Will I get an itemized statement?

Our statements are not itemized, but we will gladly mail an itemized statement at your request.

What happens if I cannot pay my bill?

Beartooth Billings Clinic works with the patient to ensure the patient has the ability to pay their bill with reasonable monthly payments. We also offer Financial Assistance, and Medical Care Loan Programs.

Helpful Links

Affordable Care Act Health Care Marketplace

Carbon County Public Health

Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) / Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP)



Montana Cancer Control Plan (MCCP)

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

Montana State Health and Insurance Assistance

Network Note

Beartooth Billings Clinic may not participate directly with your insurance plan, but instead may participate in a network that your insurance plan uses to have access to Beartooth Billings Clinic. Please call the toll-free number on the back of your insurance identification card to determine if your specific Beartooth Billings Clinic provider participates in your insurance plan or call a Beartooth Billings Clinic Patient Financial Representative at 406.446.2345.


Beartooth Billings Clinic’s participation in specific insurance plans and networks changes frequently. This list may not include all insurance plans in which Beartooth Billings Clinic participates. Before purchasing an insurance plan, and prior to receiving services at Beartooth Billings Clinic, please inquire directly with your insurance plan to ensure that your specific Beartooth Billings Clinic provider, clinic and hospital are indeed considered participating providers. This is not a guarantee of benefits. All services provided are subject to your plan benefits, including exclusions, and eligibility at the time services are provided. You may verify benefit coverage by calling the toll-free number on the back of your insurance identification card.